What is Industrial-Scale Wireless Power?

Whenever I mention wireless power to someone, the first thing they say is, “I have that on my desk; it’s a little pad I set my phone on.” And yes, that is wireless power. In particular, it is a type of wireless power known as induction, which is similar to what your electric toothbrush uses. […]

Q&A with new Reach Execs and Board Member

Reach hit another milestone in August when we announced the addition of three industryveterans to our team – Matt Glenn and Jeff White to the executive team and AlanCohen to our board of directors. Jeff becomes chief commercial officer, leading our go-to-market efforts, and Matt will drive commercialization as chief product officer. Bothhave founded and grown technology […]

Reach Adds Technology Innovator Alan S. Cohen as New Board Member and Expands Executive Team

Wireless power innovator set to disrupt the market with the additions of Matthew Glenn as Chief Product Officer and Jeffrey K. White as Chief Commercial Officer REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reach, the high-performance wireless power-at-a-distance company, today announced that it has expanded its leadership team with the additions of Matt Glenn and Jeff White, who will lead […]

DCVC leads Reach Labs’ $9M Series A to make scalable, far-field wireless power a reality

Nikola Tesla dismissed the idea of using radio waves to transfer electricity 130 years ago. Despite evidence to the contrary, he insisted that radio waves could only move in a straight line, and that they faded too quickly to transmit power (or information). Instead, Tesla thought that he could harness and amplify the Earth’s own electrical charge by shocking it at […]