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Material Management Sensors for Mixed Model Manufacturing

Downtime in automotive facilities due to unexpected failures can cost $50,000 per minute.*  Two primary drivers for these high-cost events are unscheduled machine downtime (46%), and human error in part selection (17%).*  While Pick-To-Light systems and Preventative Maintenance Sensors can help reduce those figures, they also require prohibitively expensive and cumbersome cabling, typically estimated at 60% of installation costs.*  Reach has made these systems fully wireless and battery free, creating a less expensive, more responsive option for Industry 4.0.


Streamlining inventory movement and management with robotics has revolutionized manufacturing practices. Already a $2.3 billion market, use of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) is projected to increase at 9.3% CAGR to $3.6 billion by 2025.*  However, these devices are currently limited by their battery capacity and charging time, and studies have shown that companies investing in these devices face a 20% asset downtime due to recharging.*  Using Reach’s wireless power system to continuously recharge these devices, our partners can reduce that downtime and eliminate much of the hardwired charging infrastructure that they typically require.

Mobile Quality Control Systems

Quality Control Costs can account for 20–40% of sales revenues.* Using Reach’s wireless power system, our partners can leverage cameras, sensors, and logic systems on an ad-hoc basis to ensure thorough quality control where and when it is needed most. Best of all, updates and adjustments can be made without additional installation costs or headache.

Outdoor Asset Tracking

With nearly 3,000 shipping containers lost at sea every year at an average value of $50,000 per container*, lost containers create headaches for both shippers trying to manage their inventory and insurance companies attempting to verify and pay for claims. Companies offering GPS-based tracking systems offer solutions for both parties, but the technology uses too much power to rely on batteries over long periods of time with high fidelity data. Reach’s wireless power system allows the GPS systems to periodically recharge without manual maintenance, allowing this powerful technology to function automatically and indefinitely.

Active RFID for Indoor Tracking- Pallets

In total, plastic pallet and container loss within the U.S. registers between $800 million and $1.5 billion annually.*  Increasingly, active IoT-enabled pallets and tracking solutions can help recover these losses and provide a host of other benefits like streamlined supply chains, route analysis, and environmental data collection, provided they have a power source. Paired with Reach’s wireless power system, this connected Industry 4.0 solution has the potential to eliminate waste and improve efficiency


Every year, retailers lose up to 4% of their annual sales due to a failure to have their inventory on the shelf when a consumer attempts to purchase it, known in the industry as an Out-of-Stock event.*  Cameras and machine vision can help change that by alerting employees when items need to be restocked, but to cover a typical retail store, the amount of cabling required strung end to end would be enough to summit Mt Everest five times.*   Eliminating much of that cabling, Reach’s wireless power system is a key element in enabling the optimized and streamlined future of retail.


Grocers are reported to spend tens of millions of dollars changing prices in the store.* Stores can have anywhere from 5,000-50,000 items to update, which translates to exorbitant labor rates when a store completes weekly price updates. Using Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) can not only avoid that pain and give greater price control flexibility, but also enable new ways of interacting with customers and employees through visual indicators. Unfortunately, powering these ESLs with conventional batteries will not only add labor and maintenance costs to replace depleted cells, but will also generate tens of thousands of pounds of lithium-ion e-waste to dispose of. With Reach’s wireless power system, retailers can fully unlock the potential of digitized retail without the maintenance headache or environmental impact of batteries.

Power Delivery to Mobile Assets

The Food Marketing Institute estimates that 2 million shopping carts are stolen every year, translating to a per-store loss of $8,000-$10,000.* Each one costs up to $150 for the retailer to replace, and retailers can be additionally fined anywhere from $300–$500 by local municipalities for disposal of unclaimed carts.* Reach’s wireless power system enables maintenance-free tracking solutions to prevent these costs from spiraling out of control.

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