We Do For Power What Wi-Fi Did For Data

At Reach, our mission is to build the next generation of power delivery

our story

Born out of MIT, Reach is deeply rooted in technology and design

It started in a classroom, became a basement lab experiment, and eventually a YCombinator startup. Reach was born. 

Since then, we’ve been busy building the industry’s first industrial-scale wireless power-at-a-distance solution. The Reach solution transforms the way the world will think about power distribution.

Wireless transmission will transform power in the same way that Wi-Fi changed data. And today, we are delivering technology-first solutions that make it a reality.

Our Values & Principles

Pioneering spirit

Life is more exciting when you’re doing something new. The same is true with work. We embrace the challenge of introducing a new way of doing things and find reward in the impact of doing so.

Continuous learning

In the spirit of curiosity and self-betterment, we aim to foster a culture where proactive learning is the standard. We see every process as an opportunity to learn, regardless of outcome.

Pride in work

The ability to have autonomy over tasks and see instant return on effort is one of the greatest satisfactions. The approach we take to our work gives us confidence in our output.

Devotion to innovation

Transformative technologies are seldom born out of incremental improvements. We view studying and designing creative solutions as the engine of all truly disruptive technologies.

Academic method

We root our technology advancements in a research-based approach, taking principles studied in the laboratory and translating them into real-world solutions.


We value diversity of thought and recognize that it is bred by teams of individuals with diverse backgrounds, cognition, skill sets, and life experiences. Our work and culture are strengthened through the unique perspectives of our coworkers.

Build with Us!

We offer the opportunity to help transform the way the world is powered.

Our team is a great collection of uniquely brilliant, creative individuals that prioritize innovation, collaboration, and mutual respect. We believe that culture + impact + work fulfillment create an environment that people are excited to show up to everyday – an equation that scales with us as our company grows.

Reach offers health insurance, a healthcare FSA, a 401K plan, unlimited paid vacation days, weekly lunches, and many other benefits you’d expect from a place you’d love to go to work. Our new office is in Redwood City, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the San Francisco Bay, we’re close to downtown Redwood City and SFO, and just short drive from San Francisco.

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