Reach Wireless Power-at-a-Distance

PowerBeam wireless power transforms power delivery the way WiFi transformed data.

Reach’s mission is to solve power delivery problems once and for all. Reach’s wireless power solution: 


Frees you from wires.


Increases flexibility, convenience, and safety, while reducing cost.


Maximizes uptime of expensive or important resources.


Enables industrial IOT, robotics, and security applications that were previously impossible.

What applications are we targeting?

Reach has worked on many IIOT, robotics and security applications. Here are a few examples:

Inspection Cameras.

Reach installs in minutes by eliminating cable pulls and battery changes. So, teams can resolve problems more quickly and without dealing with other departments. And, because devices are untethered, teams can rapidly redeploy assets to the next issue.

Asset Tracking.

Improve utilization and security of your tracked assets. With Reach, asset tags, and other low power devices, never run out of batteries, so they never stop working for you.


Reach eliminates downtime associated with recharging and the limitations associated with power cables. Improve efficiency, such as for AGVs and flexibility, such as in the case of EOATs.

WIreless Power-at-a-Distance delivers significant business benefits


No more installing power cables – decreasing cost, speeding deployments and increasing reconfigurability


No more power cords across the floor – increasing safety and flexibility


No more finding and replacing dead batteries – ensuring critical devices never lose power


No more disposable batteries – creating greener more sustainable environments

Is wireless power safe?

Yes, it is as safe as your microwave. We’ve pioneered the PowerBeam Safety Detection System (SPS) to protect people and pets. SDS ensures that power beams never come into contact with people.

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