Reach Adds Technology Innovator Alan S. Cohen as New Board Member and Expands Executive Team

Wireless power innovator set to disrupt the market with the additions of Matthew Glenn as Chief Product Officer and Jeffrey K. White as Chief Commercial Officer

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reach, the high-performance wireless power-at-a-distance company, today announced that it has expanded its leadership team with the additions of Matt Glenn and Jeff White, who will lead Reach’s product and go-to-market teams and help drive the commercialization of Reach wireless power solutions.

Before joining Reach, Matt and Jeff founded and grew numerous early-stage technology companies, creating billions of dollars of value, including FORE Systems, Xylan, Packet Engines, Airespace, Aruba Networks, Cognio, Gainspeed, and Illumio. They also have experience partnering with and working for enterprise vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and Nokia. Matt brings hardware and software product management expertise to the team with extensive experience in enterprise, security, telecom, and consumer markets. Jeff has led strategy, marketing, business development, and sales teams across enterprise, telecom, and cable markets.

Reach’s wireless power-at-a-distance does for electric power what Wi-Fi did for data. It unleashes devices from power cords and battery limitations. Reach currently provides their high wattage, point-to-multipoint wireless power solutions to the manufacturing, logistics, retail, and defense industries.

“Reach’s mission is to reimagine how energy gets distributed in the IoT era. Our power-beaming networks augment electrical wiring with a flexible layer that can be reconfigured in a split second, giving devices unprecedented mobility and functionality. As the world grows increasingly more electric, the need for versatile and intelligent power distribution becomes all the more important,” said Chris Davlantes, Reach Founder and CEO. “Matt and Jeff bring a wealth of experience and connections to Reach and I am humbled to have them join this journey with us as we take our solutions to market. These execs have built and launched amazing, innovative products multiple times, and they’re a perfect complement to our industry-recognized technology team.”

With Alan Cohen, Reach adds another board member with a stellar track record in incubating, scaling, and investing in early-stage companies. Before joining Deep Tech VC firm DCVC as a Partner, Alan was essential in the success of numerous start-ups, including Illumio, Nicira, and Airespace. Alan is broadly regarded as a market creator and sits on multiple boards and advisory boards.

“Wireless power is the second coming of the Internet, which will be a network of electrons and photons instead of packets,” said Alan Cohen, DCVC Partner, and Reach Board Member. “Reach will be the essential platform company in the electrification of our entire economy, just as Cisco, Intel, and Netscape were to Web 1.0 and Salesforce, VMware, and Amazon Web Services were to Web 2.0.”


About Reach

Reach is the leader in high-performance wireless power-at-a-distance. Reach’s wireless power changes electric power delivery in the same way that Wi-Fi changed data delivery. Its patented RF-based approach delivers a high-wattage, point-to-multipoint wireless power solution. The system is built on state-of-the-art, patented technology, including high-efficiency power beaming circuits, network optimization algorithms, and adaptive electromagnetic surfaces. With these advanced technologies, the Reach solution delivers a highly scalable power platform that prioritizes safety. Ideally suited for manufacturing, logistics, retail, and defense, the Reach solution provides flexible access to power where and when needed, streamlining device deployment and increasing device performance.

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